Songs from the Earth:



Chapter 3: Wisdom (Rattlesnake & Butterflies)

Butterflies above the rattlesnake in the grass.


Page 30: Wisdom Descends

Loosely based on the Gnostic story of Sophia (aka Wisdom) descending into the material world, becoming the Earth.


Page 31: Wisdom Rests

Sun as lion, Earth as woman. Humanity has always placed mythic characters into the starry night sky and onto planetary bodies. By associating the sun, planets and stars with a human and animal form, they suddenly become much more relatable.


Page 32: Wisdom Dreams

We all breathe together. We are all part of a larger dream.


Chapter 4: The Four Seasons (The World Egg)

The World Egg is a beginning, with the Universe or a primordial being coming into existence by hatching from that egg.


Page 34: Spring (Childhood)


Page 35: Summer (Young Adult)


Page 36: Fall (Mid-life)


Page 37: Winter (Old Age)


Songs from the Earth: Appendices & Crucible (Coyote)

The physical body is a crucible for spirit.


Page 42: True Worlds


Back Cover: Nature Looks Back at You

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