Songs from the Earth:



I woke

With the cold Moon

Inside my head,

And She moved me

From there

To here.

Birds mix and fly.

Tree fingers scrape the sky,

Bringing clouds down

To my short breath.

Frozen river voice

Sings and bubbles.

Nature walks slowly

And the fay do too.

Life is loss and

Life is gain.

I love you all.

As I lay my body down

Stars push against each other,

While the first flowers fall

From my eye and mouth.

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Canvas Print

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Canvas is a cotton/poly blend Oxford weave 18mil matte material printed with archival-quality inks. Each stretcher bar is made from precision-cut, kiln-dried fir wood, and has a uniform edge, molded lip, and interlocking notched mitered corners.

Product Dimensions: Width - 36", Height - 21", Depth - 1.5"



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