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Songs from the Earth: Chapter 1
The Dragon
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In the darkness slept the Dragon.
Curious and called to the new light,
He followed.
In the darkness slept the Dragon.
Where He steps flowers grow.
The Dragon walks the earth.
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Dark eyes piercing,
The Dragon wears
His dæmon like a
Fiery red crown.
Turning His head to
The east,
The Dragon spoke with
The Moon.
A slow conversation, they talked of
Circles, tides, clockwork
And Time.
The Dragon looked down to the mountains and rivers.
Listening while they sang of
Grinding, corrosion, decline and renewal.
Overhead, sky beast clouds play.
Tickling the highest peaks, the clouds laughed with delight,
Watching the Dragon shift, shimmer and change shape.
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First He was a bull. Next, a lion.
An eagle.
And finally,a man.
Delighting in His new form, the Dragon stood tall,
And ran.
Delighting in His new form.
Stopping abruptly,
He noticed He was being watched.
Some people scowled, but more smiled.
Beckoning Him to follow.
As they walked
The Dragon whispered
Of Green.
He spoke of
Music, and gears,
Murder, fire, and love.
Finally, the red dæmon spoke.
Visiting each person,
One at a time.
Talking is strange symbols
And shapes.
This made the Dragon smile, and laugh.
Leaving His dæmon behind,
The Dragon walked toward the trees.
Into a world of potential.
The Dragon walks the earth.
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