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Winter Trees

Todd Powelson
"Winter Trees" by Todd Powelson

Walking up in the hills at night a week or so ago, I decided to sit down on a large tree that had fallen over. My knee starts to get a little sore after a couple miles, especially in the cold. An old injury. I was looking at the the trees standing up in front of and across from me, and I swear three of those trees kind of merged together and made a face that seemed to be looking back. I had to blink and look again, and yep, it was still there. I got up and walked around, but that giant face kept a-looking on… it seemed clear as could be to me.

It had something to do with the moonlight shining down on the light snowfall, combined with the way the branches were weaving together into each other and the dead leaves, and the rocks and bushes peaking through the negative space. Merging into a giant tree face that looked back at me.

I’ve gone back to that spot a few times since then, but whatever that face was has gotten up and moved on down the road. The moonlight is different now and its been slightly overcast, plus some of the snow has melted. The shapes in the trees are all different and no more tree-in-the-face.

Except for here in my drawing. I was working on some other project and wasn’t able to get to it for a bit, but I did want to spend a little time and draw my moonlight buddy. I finally did, and here it is.

Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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