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Songs from the Earth: Chapter 4
The Four Seasons
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I stepped to the earth
And was dressed in mud,
And food.
Eyes open wide to red,
And blue.
The Sun gathers and rises.
I animate, but do not
I had an idea, but
Watching my shadow
Strike the ground.
Your body is a planet,
Orbiting the
Heart, spirit, star.
Under great trees
Time pours through flesh,
While green spring
Slides across this new face.
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Out from the forest
To great cities of glass and steel.
Self important reflections
Catch the eye in every direction.
Summer Sun burns shoulders,
Under Dragon skies.
Life is long and
Life is easy,
Selling time.
Let me show you.
Listen to me.
Under electric light and TV glow
I will show you,
As birds tickle your vision and
Fly out of sight
Through the metal and crash
I will tell you,
As the wind sits between each
Burnt blade of grass.
I will lead you
Over hot asphalt shores.
I will guide you
Through foreign dreams,
And sing you to sleep.
You say “Thou Shall”
But I don’t believe.
I Will.
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Red and gold
Awaken forgotten dreams.
Modern smoke calls to ancient spirits.
A gray incense
My love plays.
We live in a haunted place.
Under Sun orange leaves,
Dryad arms wave, crack and kiss.
In a dance through time.
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I woke
With the cold Moon
Inside my head,
And She moved me
From there
To here.
Birds mix and fly.
Tree fingers scrape the sky,
Bringing clouds down
To my short breath.
Frozen river voice
Sings and bubbles.
Nature walks slowly
And the fay do too.
Life is loss and
Life is gain.
I love you all.
As I lay my body down
Stars push against each other,
While the first flowers fall
From my eye and mouth.
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