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Todd Powelson
ORIGINALLY POSTED (to Instagram) OCTOBER 3, 2018
"Coyote" by Todd Powelson

I've been seeing a lot of #coyote lately. It started a few months ago last spring with a pair of coyote I'd sometimes run into. I'd spot them up the hills. By the river. Later, in the early summer, I heard and then saw their 4 pups from a distance up the hillside. They were having a rowdy blast. Ive seen (and heard) them regularly ever since.

A few weeks ago I was coming around a corner and stood about 15 feet in front of one of the coyote, who was coming up from the river. The coyote started moving back to the river, but I waved and told him it was okay, he could keep on moving up the hill. Even though my dog was flipping his noodle, the coyote stopped and moved closer to me, sniffing the air. My dog calmed down, and we all just stood looking at each other. After a few minutes (seemed like a very long time) the coyote moved a bit up the hill, stopped and looked back. I waved, he moved a littled further up and stopped to look back. I waved. He moved, looked back, I said "see ya" and he was gone into the trees.

Ive been wanting to #draw that #coyotebuddy since, and finally did. I also like to print my #animal images onto #tshirts and wear them into the hills. Kinda feel like I'm telling my #canyon "look what I made for ya". Lately I've been using #Society6 for various printing projects, and you can get this coyote and a handful of other designs there too.

Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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