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Athena Throws the Great Dragon Down

Todd Powelson
"Athena Throws the Great Dragon Down" by Todd Powelson

Where to start with this piece..?

The artwork above is a part of a larger series and story that I've been putting together for a while now. I'd thought on this image for years, but wasn't sure how it'd come together until it was finally done.

I call this piece "Athena Throws the Great Dragon Down". I don't know of any specific mythology or story mentioning an escapade like that, Athena versus a dragon I mean, but it seemed right to me. I've seen many pictures of Michael the Archangel fighting the devil dragon, or the virgin Mary stepping on a serpent demon, but (for me at least) Athena seemed like the correct choice. She's a fav!

I don't know that Athena ever battled with him directly (although Zeus did) but I imagine the dragon to be Typhon, the deadliest creature in Greek myth. I've heard "Typhon" is equated with the Egyptian god Set, and that suits the story I'll be telling right nice!

Athena throws her demons down!

I also had someone in mind while making this artwork, another inspiration... I hope someday you realize how strong and valuable your spirit truly is.

You can check out a YouTube time-lapse video of my artwork's development and creation directly above.

Oh, and Happy New Year! Athena is the goddess of wisdom, among other things. Wisdom is a great word to remember in 2022, may we all find it.

Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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