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My Buddy

Todd Powelson

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 23, my mitred conure parrot passed away. Buddy was in my life for just over three years, and I miss him so much. I keep finding myself looking for him, listening for him. I miss him so much.

I love birds. I love to watch them out in the wild, to watch them fly free. To see their beauty, to hear their songs.

A few yeas ago, I became aware of the real issues captive parrots face. I became very aware of the suffering they experience, and how much help they need, because it is impossible for these birds to go back to their wild habitat. Where would they go, here in Utah? They wouldn't survive. They need help. People regularly breed or adopt and then give them up, or they outlive their owners. They need homes. Millions of them need homes in the USA. Meeting these beautiful birds, loving them as amazing individuals... I made a promise to myself that I would help them out as much as I can, and that is still one of my most important goals and priorities. I've found the limit of help I can give at this time, but I truly hope I can do more for birds and all animals in the future.

Buddy, a mitered conure parrot, came into my life on May 12, 2017. I started fostering him through Wasatch Avian Education Society after his previous owner passed away. The first few weeks of his adjustment was hard and scary for him (he'd lost his owner, and had to be removed from his small flock of three), but we bonded quickly, and I came to know him as one of the sweetest spirits. Such a beautiful and sweet boy. I adopted Buddy about a year later, because I grew to love him so much.

He loved his head scratches, always greeted me with “hello”, would perch on my shoulder for rides, and would call for my other pets by name... especially Armor. My favorite thing to do was to take Buddy out on hikes with me (and Armor), where I could tell he was amazed by the green and bird-song.

Last fall, Buddy started to struggle with his health. I found him on the floor, lifted him up, and thought he was dying in my hands. I felt his heart stop. I felt his breathing stop. And then, after what seemed like forever but was really only a few minutes, Buddy came back. I took him to the vet the next morning, and they gave me some medicine they thought might help. And it did, until March. In March Buddy seemed to have another seizure, and I thought he had passed again. It has been so hard to watch him struggle this year, and see his decline. I love him so much.

Like I say, Buddy passed on June 23, 2020.

Fly free, Buddy. I love you forever!

Goodbye, Buddy.
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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