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My little GirlScout

Todd Powelson
Her Royal Heinie: Scout

It hurts my heart to write this, but after 17+ years of raising hell on this planet, my little GirlScout has passed away.

Scout came into my life in 2006, and I've shared some of my happiest memories with her. We've hiked, traveled to new and exciting places, chased each other around, and spent countless quiet hours together. I loved (love!) her with all my heart, and it made me so happy to know she was in the world.

I helped raise Scout for 11 years fulltime. When Scout's mom and I went down our own separate lifepaths, we all remained good friends, and I am certainly grateful for that. Scout went to live with Anna, but I was able to continue taking Scout with me on my long walks up in the hills regularly, up until I could see Scout wasn't able to manage anymore physically. Even then, I'd stop at least once or twice a week on my way out of the canyon to pick Scout up and walk with her around the neighborhood.

Scout's mom, Anna, is a much better writer than I am.. so I've included Anna's Oh-Bitch-U-Wary for Scout below.

Run wild and free, little Goo. I love you forever!


Scoutee Zoomies into Hell to Shame the Devil


In memory of Girlscout Mimi West, The Greatest of All Time

11/30/2005 - 4/8/2023

The GOAT, the legend, my heart, Girlscout Mimi Banarama West chose April 8, 2023, to zoomie across the rainbow bridge, aged 17 years, 4 months, 9 days.

Girlscout is now scarfing the pot of cheddar at the end of the rainbow, grabbing her wings at the pearly gates, and… piloting her basketron chariot straight into hell.

“I’m going on a mission to shame the devil by freeing all the naughty terriers trapped in the crates of Hades” the Welsh Terrier said.

Also known as Scoutee, and answering to nicknames Goo and Muffin Top, this girl lived the healthiest, happiest and naughtiest life pawsible on this earf! Her many proud moments include:

  1. Surviving an abduction as a puppy. When confronted, the dog thief returned Girlscout with an emphatic lecture: “Welshies must never be leashed!” Coming soon to Dogamount Plus, Scout’s feature-length documentary, “Unleashed” about her 20-minute ordeal and miraculous survival.
  2. Inventing and popularizing a new meal. Bratfust!
  3. Putting her canine teef on Burd. Just a little. This incident resulted in a trip to the avian vet. Afterward, Scoutee was quoted as saying, “Oops.”
  4. Being a little bitch. Scout nipped at a strange dog, led their humans on a raucous chase, and was delighted to find this released mommy’s inner grizzly. The terrier-naive humans throught they could 1) catch and 2) spank Scoutee. Girlscout only nipped when mommy wasn’t looking, so mommy turned around to discover a big human trying to punish her pup -- for no reason. To Scoutee’s delight, mommy got so mad she made the hooman cry.
  5. Climbing on the kitchen table to destroy mommy’s hard work. One day, Scout ate every dog treat out of an advent calendar, handmade by mommy for all the dogs to share. This was a well-deserved punishment for mommy, who had allowed brudder Armor to have a turn to ride in the car.
  6. Running a clandestine science lab under the bed. (This honorable mention is for you, Auntie Paula).

”Girlscout, I am so blessed to have shared more than ⅓ of my life with you. I would not be me if not for you, little girl,” Scoutee’s mommy says. “I’m proud of you, not worried. You are going to charge into hell and bite the devil’s butt until he says sorry. Thank you for spending your life with me. I love you furever.”

A Tollgate Terrier, Girlscout was born near Denver, Colorado. Referred to by the pawfect litter name “The Little Bitch,” (in contrast, her sister was called “Sweetie”) she was adopted by Anna West of Salt Lake City at 12 weeks old. She is survived by mommy (Anna), cockatoos Burd and Burdadette, Todd, Argos, mommy-in-law Nancy Zachary, polyamorous hubsand, Keeper, and a village of people and animals who love her. Girlscout was met today on the bridge by her brudders, Cowboy, Armor, Loki, Buddy, Louie, and Airebear sister, Mimi Sue.

In lieu of flowers, we request that you raisie a bowl of water in a toast to Wales, eat until you almost frow up, skip the top step, and pee someplace inapawpriate (peeferably on your hooman’s pillow).

Me and Scout
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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