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Superimposed, Francis Picabia

Todd Powelson
“Mélibée” by Francis Picabia

I’ve been coming across a lot of work by Francis Picabia that I was previously unfamiliar with. I knew who he was, but had really only seen his early Dada work and mechanical/machine inspired paintings (like the first couple of images below) until recently. I liked the work I’d seen, but didn’t really pay too much attention.

Well, Picabia has a new exhibit at the MoMA called “Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction” and I have a whole new appreciation for his work. I haven’t been to the show in person, but I am very impressed by the reproductions of Picabia’s work that I’ve seen, and the reviews that I’ve read. I especially enjoy the work I was unfamiliar with… all of these beautiful superimposed image paintings. Love ’em!

Didn’t think I’d be posting for a little bit, but definitely wanted to save and share these images.

“Machines Turn Quickly”, by Francis Picabia, 1917
“Sphinx”, by Francis Picabia
“Uncana”, by Francis Picabia
“Salome”, by Francis Picabia, 1930
“Transparence”, Francis Picabia, 1932
“The Athenaeum – Dispar”, Francis Picabia
“The Dance”, Francis Picabia, 1922-24
“Gemini”, Francis Picabia
“Salicis”, Francis Picabia
“The Athenaeum – Lotruli – Visage de Olga”, Francis Picabia
“Femme Fleur”, Francis Picabia
“Edulis”, Francis Picabia
“Adam and Eve”, Francis Picabia
“Lodola”, Francis Picabia
“Catax”, Francis Picabia,1929
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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