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Four Kings

Todd Powelson
"Red King" by Todd Powelson

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I like to think of the world in terms of the classical elements, sometimes. Earth, Air, Fire, Water... simple and straightforward. I know today science recognizes over one hundred chemical elements, and that's fun to consider too, but those elements can still be grouped into liquids, for example, or gas, or solids.. know what I mean?

It's kind of fun for me to think about these four elements symbolically in terms of human temperament, too. The ways different personalities might tend to understand and interact with the larger world we all share, and how those personalities engage with each other. Somebody might have a "fiery nature", for example. Water can put out a fire, while air flow can make fire burn hotter. A huge simplification, of course, but I like to get to the core of things and simplify in my imagination. Thinking in this sort-a symbolic way helps inspire me creatively.

Fire is the will inside a person, a passionate spirit. Air is mind, always looking for new places to go. Water is living through feeling and emotions. Earth is the physical experience and body.

I didn't know it at the time, but this series started as a drawing. I was just sitting around noodling and doodling when this fire face just zipped into my mind's eye and there it was. I colored that drawing but just never felt done with it. I looked at it off and on for a few years until recently, a month or two ago, I finally finished my Red King (at the top of this here post).

Next came my "Mask for Dionysus" (directly below this here paragraph). I didn't originally intend to include this artwork in the series, but it seemed like a good fit, so he's become a king!.. and you can read more about this artwork by clicking here.

"Green King: A Mask for Dionysus" by Todd Powelson

Earlier this fall I created my "Underwater King" (below)..:

"Underwater King" by Todd Powelson

... and then, maybe a week or so ago, I finished the series with my "Stormy Sky King" (yep, below):

"Storm King" by Todd Powelson

I actually made a fifth king.. I originally intended to use the image of Osiris below, but eventually decided Dionysus was a better fit for this series. I'll still include Osiris as an honorary member tho because I like him too!

"Dead King: Osiris" by Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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