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František Kupka

Todd Powelson
“Positioning of Mobile Graphic Elements” 1913

I’ve been visiting with the work of Czech painter, František Kupka.

I’m sure I talk way too much about how much I love Cubism, along with many of it’s visual offshoots. Kupka was among the first to experiment with a more “colorful cubism”, a style that eventually became known as Orphism. He was also an early pioneer and among the first painters to experimented a with pure abstraction.

Kupka made many beautiful paintings that I love to look at. Lets check some of ’em out!

“Organization of Graphic Motifs” 1912
“Creation” 1920
“Creation” 1920
“Drill” 1926
“Warm Chromatics” 1912
“Music” 1936
“Blue” 1914
“Fanny Machine – The Machinery” 1928
“Vertical Plains – Blue and Red” 1913
“Syncopated Accompaniment Staccato” 1928
“Hindu Motif or Graduated Red” 1921
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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