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Fool’s Journey

Todd Powelson
“The Fool” Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

A New Year, welcome 2018! A year gone, so long 2017. To tell ya the truth, I’m relieved. 2017 seemed unreasonably difficult. This whole decade has been rough, really, but we’ve gotten through it. And there have been plenty of smiles and happy times too. Many many.

I’m feeling great about moving forward, and new beginnings too. Ready to start new journeys. Just like this Fool, head in the clouds, with new ideas and new goals. Who knows where the path will lead? Maybe over new horizons, a good view, or maybe over a cliff. However it works out, it’ll be exciting, and I’ve got everything I need.

With this here New Year I’ve decided to start blogging again from time to time, maybe even more regularly again over time, to this new web address. I find I like to blog. It helps me work through, organize, present, and articulate the thought process that went into the artwork I make, and gives me a place to post about the different things that inspire me so much. began years ago as I decided to let the ArtDuh URL go (it’s no longer my web address), although I did copy all of the content and posts, and you can still find them here on artAeon. The content is all here, although some of the links may not work, sorry about that but please do enjoy!

I decided on the name artAeon because… I guess because it helps me focus on the direction I am interested taking and moving toward. There are so many problems in the world, with all the war, destruction and changes in the natural world, rampant materialism, etc. Well, I need the reminder to do my small part and move past all that in my own life.

Aeon means life, being, generation, a period of time, age, forever, timeless or eternity. Seems great to me! I’d like to be part of a new, creative, artAeon. Do whatever I can to help bring in and realize that new Renaissance. Big dream I know, but why not dream big? Also, I relate to Gnosticism. In most Gnostic traditions, an Aeon is an emanation or aspect of God. I like that too, let’s celebrate that aspect!

Anyway, a new site… you can still see more of my artwork here or, as always, at You can also friend/follow me at and

Again, Happy New Year! Happy 2018! We’ll see where we end up in a year from now. I’m sure it’ll be good, difficult, and interesting too. In the mean time, I’m going to finish this post, and listen to the Pixies. A great day for it!

Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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