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Santa Fe Clay

Todd Powelson
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Santa Fe – an art Mecca – far less touristy and commercial than I expected, is where we spent Todd’s 40th birthday. Our stop right after the Georgia O’Keefe Museum was an art gallery/studio/workshop/classroom called Santa Fe Clay.

Todd and Orpheus
Egg Cup

Located in the Railyard District, which is something like the 400 W and 200 S area of SLC, still a bit industrial but is quickly being redeveloped and rediscovered, this 10,000 foot warehouse is home to some amazing pieces.

The main dish exhibit we saw was a small sculptures show by the artists Miguel Abugattas, Cynthia Rae Levine, Katherine Taylor and Karen Thuesen Massaro. It was cool, but I preferred the appetizer, a warehouse full of stacks of sculptures and functional ware, and the dessert, a cramped hallway filled with interesting pieces.

I had a few favorite pieces. An egg-shaped functional turquoise cup was my soul mate, possessing the beautiful lines and simplicity I love in pottery. Blue and white as well as gold painted porcelain with weird designs also stole my heart. Osama Bin Laden made a surprise appearance on a tea pot. And, I can’t stop thinking about the lamb-slipper-wearing, bunny-faced, party girl sculpture. Todd stayed true to his classical nature, and loved Orpheus more than all the other pieces put together.

Bunny Girl

If you go to Santa Fe, this workshop/gallery is a gem. If you’re there for a while, try out the classes and let us know what you think,

Blue and White
Vase Schlong
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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