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Todd Powelson
"Huge.Art.Duh" poster by Todd Powelson

What Anniversary, Duh?

Jesse Reno

ArtDuh.Com celebrates first anniversary with merger of local and intergalactically famous artwork, in an effort to make the SLC art scene less insular

Veronica De Jesus

Artist, Todd Powelson, and writer, Anna West, are celebrating the one year anniversary of their blog, with a huge art show at the Hive Gallery in Salt Lake City. The couple has invited all of the artists featured on their blog this year to bring a work of art or two or three and join them in a show designed to make the SLC art scene a little less insular.

“We’ve met artists all over the country simply by looking them up and writing about them,” said Anna West, The Duchess of Duh (a.k.a. Art Duh’s editor-in-chief). “That’s why we’re inviting local and non local talent to converge at our show. We are hoping they will mate and have a love child – a less insular Salt Lake City art scene.”

The show is headlined by Powelson’s cubist oil paintings and marker drawings, along with intergalactically famous artists Jesse Reno, Veronica DeJesus and Zach Medler. Reno, who paints symbols like shamans, totem animals and Native American figures, using a manic method that resembles performance art, might be the most well-known of the group. The self-taught artist teaches workshops and has held art exhibits in Mexico as well as all over the U.S. The Duh pair was touched by the child-like art of Veronica DeJesus while visiting San Francisco in 2009. Her drawings of Big Gulps and cheeseburgers will be plentiful and affordable at the show. Her books containing memorial drawings of the dead, including the likes of Gary Coleman and Bea Arthur, will also be offered for sale. Zach Medler is a ceramics artist in Indiana. He is shipping functional pottery that has been lino- printed with the SLC skyline to the Art Duh show as well.

"Raven" by Todd Powelson

Local artists including Teresa Flowers, Colt Bowden, Angela Brown, Dave Borba, Justin Wheatley, Dallas Russell, Matt Monson, Giuliana Serena, Heidi Gress, Melanie McGee Evans, Portia Early, Peter Moosman, Rachel Hayes, Shawna Powelson, Jonathon Baker and Tonya Vistaunet will also be highlighted. Crafts from the Craft Sabbath Co-op will also be for sale.

Zach Medler

The show runs April 23 through May 31 at the Hive Gallery on the second floor of Trolley Square. Youth City’s Ottinger Hall, a program West has volunteered with for years, is getting in on the act. The nine to fourteen year old students will put up an art wall.

The show kicks off with a “duhliteful” opening party from 6 to 10 p.m. on April 23. Transfusion Hype, accompanied by musician Kiliona, and Blue Lotus Dance companies will perform. Folk singer Kelly Greenwood will croon. And Ottinger Hall students will also serve as docents, showing guests around the show and passing out sponsor information.

“It’s really important to me to involve youth in our art scene,” said West. “I want them to learn more about the artists in our show and share that information with others. I think it will be a great, self-esteem building experience for them to work at the show as teachers instead of sitting back as students.”

Teresa Flowers

On May 20, the masses are once again invited to party at The Hive, because “It’s Gallery Stroll, Duh.” Transfusion Hype’s break dancers will bust moves in the hallways and mannequins will be dressed to impress with fashions by Cory Bushman and Jordan Halversen. Strollers are invited between 6 and 10 p.m., and vintage 1950s wardrobe is recommended, though not required.

The public is invited to raid their stashes for unneeded art supplies donate them at The Hive for the duration of the show. The supplies will go to replenish the art cupboards at Ottinger Hall. Items like duct tape, markers, fabric and paint are the most needed.

Colt Bowden

ArtDuh.Com publishes three times per week with stories on art, craft, fashion, dance, food and architecture. The blog has been visited about 12,500 times. The Art Duh Anniversary show is sponsored by SLUG, Local First,, inQuo, In Magazine and City Weekly. | HUGE.ART.DUH.

Justin Wheatley

Thank you Salt Lake City for coming out and showing your support for our ArtDuh show at the Hive. If you weren’t able to make it for the opening, the artwork will be hanging through May, so please stop by and bask in all the fine talent on display.

A very special thank you to all of the artists involved with the show, Blue Lotus and Transfusion Hype for their beautiful performances, Kelly Greenwood and Kiliona for the music. Thank you sponsors for all of your support, and a big thank you to the Hive Gallery for hosting us!

Much Love!

Dallas Russel
Melanie McGee Evans
Dave Borba
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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