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Beyond the Dreamtime

Todd Powelson
“Fighting Clouds” by Ainslie Roberts

I’ve been obsessed with the paintings of Ainslie Roberts. His work is new to me, and I’m very glad I’ve discovered it.

Roberts is a British painter, who moved to Australia pretty early on in his adult life. His work is a mixture of the Australian landscape and native Aboriginal stories. So very beautiful and powerful.

“Palka Karrinya” by AinsliecRoberts

I came across Roberts’ artwork by accident really. The Dreamtime fascinates me, and I was reading up on the mythology and ideas. I came across a Youtube documentary about Roberts called Beyond the Dreamtime, which was filmed just before Ainslie’s death in 1993. Its an amazing documentary, and well worth watching. Roberts’ also collected and published his artwork in a number of different books while he was alive, and I think I need to get them right away.  | Beyond the Dreamtime | Ainslie Roberts

“Rainmakers” by Ainslie Roberts
“Rainmakers At Dawn” by Ainslie Roberts
“Sound of Lightning” by Ainslie Roberts
“The Birth of the Butterflies” by Ainslie Roberts
“Birthplace of the Moons” by Ainslie Roberts
“Koolulla and the Two Sisters” by Ainslie Roberts
Todd Powelson
Todd Powelson works as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Visual Artist.

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